Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sumatra PDF 3.0 For Windows With Portable

Sumatra Pdf Viewer (Version 3.0) is a smallest and User Friendly PDF documents reader for Viewing eBooks and other textbook.
Sumatra PDF Portable Download Free

The PDF Sumatra enables you to instantly open documents, electronic books and comics. It supports the following formats PDF, XPS, DjVu, MOBI, ePub and CBZ and CBR. 

In addition, increases the displayed text files (up to 6400%) and has built-in options for content search and read the articles in full screen. Another advantage of the program is its full integration with popular browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera).

Software Information

Manufacturer: Krzysztof Kowalczyk
License:GNU GPL
Size:4.3 MB
System:Windows XP/Vista/7/8

PDF Sumatra 3.0 Download Link 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Whatsapp 2.11.414 APK For Android Latest Download

The app Whatsapp (2.11.414), which is available for iOS, Windows Phone and a variety of other systems besides Android must first be installed on the smartphone and then connected to the own phone number. Then you have the ability to communicate with all other users directly through the service. Sending messages is free. 
Whatsapp Messenger 2.11.414

After an introduction phase, the developer but require an annual fee of 0.89 cents (Android) With WhatsApp other content such as photos, videos, contacts, or even the own location can be delivered in individual and group chats in addition to text messages. In addition, the app provides a voice chat function, can be replaced with the short voice messages. Especially practical: With the phone numbers WhatsApp recognizes contacts that also use the service - so it runs from the installation to the first message just a few clicks. within the app is visible when you were himself and his contacts last seen. Thus it can be seen immediately if and when someone has received their own messages. Due to sustained criticism, it is in the newer app versions also possible to disable this on-line status in the privacy settings partially or completely. Where: Will you not show when you were online by you, you can not see this information with other users.

WhatsApp almost half a billion people worldwide now connecting with each other. If you want to send messages using their smartphone and other content, WhatsApp therefore heard alone to the absolute standard tools. The strong market position of the Messenger Primus get especially beginners demonstrates impressively: Who installed WhatsApp for the first time a good chance to recover the majority of his contacts in the instant messaging service. Important: WhatsApp is again due to security leaks, which also relate to data protection and privacy, criticized. Especially after the acquisition by Facebook for a record sum of $ 19 billion in the spring of 2014 also concerns have been raised that the service could use private data for commercial purposes. The user numbers were but so far not adversely affected by this criticism. 

Software Information

License:Freeware (free of charge)
Size:874 KB
System: Android

Free Download Link For Whatsapp 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO File Download

Windows 10 Technical Preview version is the early development of the next generation of Windows. Returned to the Start menu, just like the familiar Windows 7, makes it easier to use, and quick access to common system features a new Start menu has a lot more opportunities for personalization.
Windows 10 Free Download

In addition to the standard features you can find Apps, modern UI interface and interactive tiles. Windows 10 to run windows applications in the same format as the desktop platforms if You can.

Therefore, change their size, and placed anywhere on the screen and use the title bar, where you can find the commands to maximize, minimize and close a window click. Improved mechanism for the deployment of application windows, so you can work with multiple applications simultaneously easier and more intuitive.

You can install up to four applications per screen new geometric arrangement of windows. The system automatically optimizes the placement of windows and offers on how to use the free space on the screen.

On the task-bar, there is a new problem Preview button. It allows you to see all open applications and files. All this was set up to switch between windows and desktops convenient. Instead of multiple superimposed one desktop applications and files, you can easily switch between different desktops created for different purposes and programs, whether for work, personal use or any other use: Windows 10 - Technical Preview is available for download as an ISO image for 32 and 64 bit Operating System . Windows 10 Technical Preview trial will be expires on April 15, 2015.

Windows 10 Require Product key upon installation. You Can Use the Blow Product Provided By Microsoft.

System Requirements

  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
  • Free hard disk space: 16 GB
  • Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

Windows 10 Product Activation Key: PBHCJ-Q2NYD-2PX34-T2TD6-233PK

Software Information

Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
License:Freeware (free of charge)
Size:2.83 GB
System: not applicable

Windows 10 TechniCal Preview ISO Image (32 Bit)  (64 Bit)

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Google Chrome Latest v38.0.2125.101 Installer Download (32Bit & 64 Bit)

The Google Chrome v38.0.2125.101 World's Fastest Internet Browser Developed by Google. The browser uses the WebKit engine components from Apple and Mozilla Firefox. Besides the standard 32-bit variant is also available Google Chrome 64-bit, which is characterized by stability and halve the time of rendering the web pages. 
google chrome full Free

Also introduced important amendments in the field of security, including ASLR mechanism of increased entropy. Added support for improving the quality of Direct Write font rendering. Google Chrome Latest Version has many interesting solutions available with an intuitive interface. One such feature is the smart new card, including proposals most frequently visited by the user pages. What makes the search party becomes much easier to smart location bar, which also supports Google search resource. attention is given to introducing our privacy Incognito mode offers the possibility of browsing the web without leaving any traces on your computer. 

Google has designated this function as follows: "If you want to browse in stealth mode, for example, to make someone a surprise, buy a birthday gift, etc.., Google Chrome v38.0.2125.101 offers the incognito mode. Incognito browsed web pages and downloaded files are not recorded in your browsing history or download. 

All new cookies are deleted after you close the incognito window. You can also browse the normal mode and incognito in two separate windows. " In the browser available is the ability to import data from another application of this type. By default, when you install Google Chrome copies the entire browsing history, saved websites and password from the default browser. 

At the moment you can only import settings from Firefox or Internet Explorer. manager downloading files provided on Google Chrome runs in the background so that the user is not exposed to emerging new window. Downloads are automatically minimized to the bottom bar, if necessary, you can view the download - then they are displayed as a new tab. Google announces that inside the browser are tools that perfectly cope with the complex network applications. 

By separating the work processes of each browser bookmarks eliminated crash the entire browser. Attention is given to the safety of introducing messages visiting dangerous Web sites. Significantly improved the speed of the browser itself. The application is based on the V8 JavaScript engine more powerful, which allows you to run a very advanced network applications not available in today's browsers. At first glance, Google Chrome is not an innovative product but you must admit that it has an incredibly simple interface and interesting options.

Software Information

Manufacturer: Google, Inc.
License:Freeware (free of charge)
Size:874 KB
System:Windows NT/2003/XP/Vista/7/8

Download Link For Google Chrome v38.0.2125.101 (32 Bit) (64 Bit) From Developer

iMesh Download Free For Windows

iMesh is a software p2p (peer-to-peer), which enables you to download files from the computers of other members of the community. Shared can be almost any type of files: audio, video, games, software, documents. 
imesh free download (iMesh

The program uses the same P2P network (FastTrack) at once popular Kazaa. The tool allows direct playback of movies and music via the built-in player. You will also find download manager allows you to pause and resume the download automatically.

As the risk of getting the virus infected file is high, do not run the module protects against threats. In addition, users have the ability to communicate using chat.

Software Information

License:Freeware (free of charge)
Size:1.5 MB
System:Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Monday, 6 October 2014

Download Free Skype (For Windows)

Skype (Version world's most popular instant messaging software with voice and video conferencing, to send sms (SMS) and free calls.
Free Skype Download For Windows

The main function of the free Skype voice and video calls from Skype. In addition, buy a subscription, we'll be able to call mobile phones and land-lines or send cheap SMS. Instant messaging allows you to chat with friends on Skype and colleagues quickly. There is also the ability to send different files (e.g digital photos). What is important for both voice calls and text chats can be conducted in the form of conferences with multiple users simultaneously. 

Another important feature is the screen sharing, for example, Windows user can do to a person, using Linux image on your monitor screen. 

Skype is fully merge with Facebook, and allows you to send messages to friends, conduct video chat, and contains records of all social networks should be noted that the ability to conduct video calls with Full HD resolution.

Software Information

Manufacturer: Skype Ltd.
License: Freeware (free of charge)
Size: 34.3 MB
System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Download Skype for free From Developer

Sunday, 5 October 2014

WinUtilities Free Edition 11.22 (For Windows)

WinUtilities Free Edition (Version 11.22) is a free program for cleaning and speeding up the operating system. One of the most important functions of the program is to clean the system by removing unused data and files from the hard drive and unnecessary and invalid entries in the registry. 
WinUtilities Free Edition Download

This module also offers a complete uninstall programs which can not be disposed of in the normal way. A second useful tool to optimize Windows by which we can remove the Internet Explorer toolbar and plug redundant. 

In addition, allows you to monitor the amount of used memory, and allows the management of programs that run at startup. It also offers the ability to defragment your hard drive to increase computer performance. Another tool is responsible for the security of the system in which we clean browsing history websites and a folder containing all the temporary files. In addition, monitor running processes in the background and, if necessary, we can turn them off. Protects the selected files from unauthorized access and use, and allows you to recover accidentally deleted files. 

WinUtilities Free Edition also offers password protection of documents, photographs, or other important data. Searches for duplicate files and can also create a copy of the registry system. In addition, the software has an option that provides full information about your computer. Of them we read, among others, the exact version of the operating system and other necessary information regarding other components of base. Program is also available in the paid version of WinUtilities Professional Edition , which has been enriched with additional security features to access files.

Software Information

Manufacturer: YL Computing, Inc.
License:Freeware (free of charge)
Size: 6 MB
System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Download Link For Win Utilities Free Edition From Developer